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Integration Circle

February 4, 2018    11:00 am  -  12:30 pm
The Beach

Integration Circle

Have you had a psychedelic experience and are looking for someone to talk to? Curious about what you’ve read about psychedelics in the news? Or maybe someone you know uses psychedelics and you’re wondering if it’s safe?

Join us to learn more, share your story, and have your questions answered in a safe, supportive environment. The integration circle will be facilitated by psychedelic scientist Dr. Katherine MacLean and will include guided meditation, experiential exercises and group discussion.

If you have had a personal psychedelic experience, whether it was intensely positive or challenging and confusing, this is a fantastic opportunity to share your story and learn from others about how to integrate the lessons from these experiences into your daily life. We will focus on best practices for implementing positive life changes and reducing potential harms associated with psychedelic use. The group is also open to people who have had intense non-drug experiences and people who are going through challenging life transitions (e.g., birth, death, sickness, loss).