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Sponsorship Opportunities

Help Make the Vision a Reality

10% of your sponsorship will be donated to MAPS, and will be matched by the Pineapple Fund. Double The Impact!

The CryptoPsychedelic team values inclusion and innovation. We’re committed to designing events and opportunities for all voices in psychedelic advocacy, research, and blockchain technology to be represented. Our sponsorship model is designed to reflect this mission and ethos.

The blockchain community has seen exponential gains over the past few years, allowing them to focus on supporting social causes like psychedelic research for the treatment of PTSD, addiction, mental health, and ending the decades-long harms caused by the War on Drugs. With this in mind, we are asking those who can afford it to sponsor the event.

Your contribution of $1,000 is helping to make this vision a reality. This helps us feature fresh and diverse perspectives from these revolutionary fields who otherwise would not be able to participate.

When you become a CryptoPsychedelic sponsor, you’ll be able to upload the logo of your company or organization. Your logo will be displayed on, receive social media posts, and be included in all of our emails.

Sponsorships are available in both fiat and a variety of cryptocurrencies.

Thank you for your generous support.

-The CryptoPsychedelic Team

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